ITC is still experiencing growth in particular languages as the Australian profile for languages changes continuously! Coupled with the work involved assisting staff with the NAATI accreditation transition, ITC have been very busy over the past few months. ITC have also undertaken a number of training seminars, to both staff and users, on subjects such as ethics and the effective use of interpreters in specific situations. It is no surprise that telephone interpreting continues to be a major growth area and ITC's new infrastructure is dealing with this new volume well.


ITC wants to give opportunities to our existing ITC staff or those recommended by our own staff initially, before advertising externally.

ITC is seeking NAATI Certified or Recognised Practicing interpreters in ALL languages currently within the scope of the new NAATI Certification Scheme.

Please contact Marisa Albanese, ITC Language Administration Officer on 8226 2979 or at marisa.albanese@sa.gov.au if you wish to apply, or know a suitably credentialed an dexperienced interpreter who may be interested.

ITC prides itself on being a provider and employer of choice in the interpreting and translating industry in South Australia.
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